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A Guide on Installing a Central A/C For Heating and Cooling

You’ve probably been thinking about the new HVAC system you should get for your home and how to go about the process. HVAC installation is complex in nature and is recommended that you look for an experienced contractor to do the job. You can reach out to Hicken Air if you’re looking for Gilbert central air installation.

What is a central air conditioner?

This is a system that is found in most homes and constitutes a “split system.”  This essentially means there is an indoor coil and a compressor unit on the outside.

How does a central air conditioning system work?

Central cooling and heating systems are two different things but they are synched to work in harmony. Warm hair in the home is blown across the evaporator coil and heat transferred to the refrigerant which is found inside the coil. When it comes to central heating, there is a primary appliance which is the furnace and is in most cases located in the basement of the house.

What is the meaning of HVAC?

HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) is the technology that ensures comfort inside a home or a vehicle. The goal of such a system is to provide thermal comfort and also improve air quality.

How often should the filters be replaced?

Changing the filters is one of the easiest and inexpensive maintenance you can do on your own. Most of the problems with the HVAC unit usually start when the filters are dirty. The unit has to work harder so as to cool and heat the home. The filters should be changed at least once a month to improve the air quality in the home. It will also increase the efficiency of the furnace ultimately increasing the lifespan of your HVAC system.

How often should maintenance be done?

Maintenance should be done on a regular basis. Experts recommend having a professional contractor inspect the HVAC annually. It should also be checked before and after winter. You don’t want your family freezing because of a faulty HVAC system.

Types of Central Conditioners

If you’re a homeowner looking to upgrade, there are a couple of viable options in the market at the moment.

Split system: This is the most popular option among homeowners. The cooling parts of the systems are located inside the home while the heating components are outside. The compressor and the condenser are also housed outside. The furnace includes an air handler.

Package system: This package could be said to be “self-contained” as there are no splits. The entire unit is housed outside the house either on ground level or on the roof.

Mini split system: Just like the split, the mini split system has an outdoor compressor/condenser that is linked to the air-handling unit that is indoors. The biggest advantage to this system is the indoor units are small and can be used to cool zones in the home. For more information, check out

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