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In the summertime, people use fans and AC units for the same reason: they want to cool down. This begs the question: what’s the difference? Can you just use your fan if you don’t want to turn on your AC Unit? The answer is no, and below we’ll explain why.

Fans and AC Units Serve Different Purposes

Even though they’re both designed to keep you at a comfortable temperature, fans and AC units do entirely different things to your environment. While AC units lower the temperature in your home, fans only move the air around you. Essentially, fans make you feel colder without actually changing the temperature.

This is why there’s no reason to keep your fan on if you’re not in the room.

Fans are Cheaper Than AC Units

The cost of running your AC unit will vary wildly depending on the size of your home and the temperature you want to maintain. Temperature regulation usually accounts for half of a home’s energy home output, but this problem can be exacerbated or lessened, depending on your maintenance schedule.

Fans, on the other hand, are generally cheaper. While there are differences between AC fans and DC fans, you can usually expect to pay no more than a couple cents per hour.

Fans Aren’t Powerful Enough

Because fans don’t change the temperature, there’s a limit to how much they can cool you down. This is fine if you’re feeling a little warm in the spring, but it won’t be nearly enough midday during an Arizona summer.

Fans vs. AC Units: The Bottom Line

AC units and fans work best when paired together. Even if a fan isn’t enough, it should make you feel roughly eight degrees cooler than you otherwise would. They also allow you to set your thermostat a bit warmer, saving energy while also extending the lifespan of your AC unit.

AC units provide the level of control and comfort you need, while fans are a helpful supplement that allows you to save money.

Taking Care of Your AC Unit

Are you worried your AC unit isn’t working correctly? Do you need someone to install a new one? Call us at (480) 686-2929 or contact us online for a free quote.

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