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How To Prepare Your Gilbert AC System For The Upcoming Season

For most parts of the festive season till now, chances are you’ve hardly needed the services of your air conditioner. In a few months to come however – with the arrival of summer – you’d need to have your air conditioner firing on all cylinders. It behoves you therefore to start taking measures to ensure that in months to come, your system will run at peak performance so as to keep your monthly costs low and comfort high. And though this means you couldn’t possibly do without an air conditioning service in Gilbert, AZ, there are a couple of tips you can never possibly go wrong following when trying  to prepare your AC for the summer.

Maintaining Parts Of An AC Unit

Just like how your car’s air filter functions, your air conditioner’s filter plays the all-important role of keeping all of the internal components of your system running ever so smoothly and efficiently whilst keeping contaminants out of the air. Dirty air filters limit your air conditioner’s ability to cool your home to your desired level, making it wise to have them inspected regularly and replaced when necessary. Restriction of air flow as a result of a dirty or clogged air filter places a massive strain on your air conditioner which is why the experts suggest changing your filter every 90 days.

Inspecting Vents

If your vents are blocked, they will obstruct air flow, and if they are dirty, they will affect the quality of cool air that your air conditioner gives off. For this reason, you should make it a point to ensure that your vents are not only unblocked but also rid of any layer of dirt.

Making Sure The Intake Areas Are Clear

If anything like leaves or some other form of debris blocks your air conditioner’s outdoor unit, your AC’s flow of air will be obstructed, and your AC will find it very difficult getting rid of hot from your home in order to distribute cool air.

Inspecting Refrigerant Lines

Air conditioners function by using a refrigerant chemical to cool off the air. A sign you’re your refrigerant is leaking or malfunctioning is when the air conditioner no longer blows out cold air. In order to ensure that your air conditioner performs at its optimum best, have your refrigerant looked at and replaced, if necessary by an expert.

Checking Electrical Wiring

Try to inspect the electrical wiring of your AC leading to its outdoor unit. If it’s damaged or worn, you surely would want to have it changed before turning on your AC. You should also make sure that you are checking the wiring of the thermostat, as there are often electrical issues within the thermostat rather than in the outside wiring of the unit.

Gilbert AC Maintenance

After following all of the tips stated above, the next advisable thing to do is to turn your AC on to see how it runs. This helps you to take notice of any issues it may have developed and gives you ample time to have it fixed long before the summer.

Be sure to follow these tips when preparing your AC for the summer and watch it run like a beast when the time comes. For reliable air conditioning and heating service for all AC brands at an affordable price and without a compromise on quality, get in touch with Hicken Air at




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