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Health Benefits of an Air Conditioner Explained By Hicken Air

For the majority of homeowners, their air conditioner stands for nothing but one thing – keeping the home cool and comfortable during the hottest periods of the year. Whilst that certainly is true, wouldn’t it surprise you to know that your air conditioner has so much to benefit you and your family with healthwise? Sounds strange,  doesn’t it? Yes it does but the facts are the facts. Bet you can’t wait to know what they are and as the leading air conditioning contractor in Gilbert, it’d be an atrocity if we kept this good news away from you.  Here are few health benefits.

Helps Curb Heat-Related Conditions

If you’ve come to realize, there are certain medical conditions like heart disease and diabetes that happen to be exacerbated by heat. By keeping heat at bay, your air conditioner does well to make sure your ailment doesn’t spiral downhill. You can also be sure that with the help of your A.C. unit, you won’t fall prey to heat-related illness like dehydration, heat cramps,  and heat stroke.

Improves Air Quality

There are certain contaminants like dust, pollen, bacteria etc. that are almost always likely to find their way into your home. These contaminants are excellent triggers of respiratory issues,  including allergy and asthma symptoms. What your air conditioner does is to make sure that the amounts of contaminants that find themselves in your home are cut down. With the use of special filters that are replaced constantly however, these contaminants can be completely eradicated from the air. Additionally we have products that can drastically remove dust and pollen in your air conditioning system.

How To Keep Your Gilbert Air Conditioner In Great Shape

The health benefits your air conditioner provides is linked to the health of the air conditioner itself. Surely, if your air conditioner is in poor shape, then you can’t expect it to do much for you. By ensuring that your air conditioner is well maintained, you’ll almost always be in the know anytime something goes awry with your unit. You can always ensure your A.C. unit is functioning optimally and benefiting you health-wise by:


  1. Having it serviced not less than once a year. You should also make sure to service it at the smallest hint of malfunctioning.
  2. Always go in for filters that are well suited for your unit. Proper filters do not accommodate contaminants in the air
  3. Air filters are likely to get dirty every now and then. You should clean your air filters regularly and change  them every month or as often as possible if need be.

Now that you know how awesome your A.C. unit is in “caring” for you and your family, don’t watch it do all the hard work alone. It needs your support to provide you with support. You don’t want to neglect its needs because it may come to back to bite you. Contact Hicken Air today for all your HVAC service and repair needs. Visit us today by clicking on and enjoy a free estimate.


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