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How Proper Arizona Residential Air Balancing Can Improve The Comfort Of Your Home

Air balancing plays an important role in an HVAC system as it improves air circulation, thus increasing the overall efficiency of the unit. That is why you need to look for a Gilbert AC company if you suspect there is an issue with the air balancing in the air conditioner.

What Is Air Balancing?

In an HVAC setting, air balancing can be defined as the process of testing and tweaking the system by a technician so that the intake and output units are working accordingly. According to experts, air balancing is the most important step that ensures that the system produces comfort and is working at peak efficiency. In this post, we are going to highlight some tips that could come in handy when doing the air balancing on your own.

Opening and Closing the Registers

This is a simple yet effective solution for air balancing problems. There is an opportunity of moving the damper blade but you should ensure that the vent is not closed completely as this could cause potential issues with the HVAC system. The registers on the upper floor should be open during warm weather while the ones on the lower floors including the basement are partially closed. The process should be reversed during cold temperatures.

2 Degree Offset

This is especially applicable if you live in a 2-story building or home. The temperatures should be set so there is a 2 degree offset. There should be a 2-degree difference in temperature on the different floors. Upstairs could be 72 while downstairs is set at 70. This helps to even out the temperatures in the home.

Check Filters

The filters will also need to be checked for cleanliness. A clean filter will improve the air quality flowing through the home. You can clean the filter by getting rid of the debris accumulation. A clean filter will also increase the efficiency of the furnace. You’re likely to experience overheating if there is an interference with the flow of hot air in the system.

You also get to keep the cost of maintenance down as one of the main reasons for an HVAC breakdown is a dirty filter.  This will, in turn, lead to lower energy costs because there is efficiency in the system.

Window Covers

Another way you can prevent from escaping in the home is by making sure that the windows are covered. You can use a curtain and drapes to regulate the temperatures in the room. Window coverings can also help in improving the level of comfort and appeal of the interior space.

Don’t Put Electronics Near The Thermostat

Electronic equipment generates heat which can affect the level of comfort. There are different electronics like a TV which could alter the distribution of heat in a living space. The thermostat could pick up heat from other appliances. The situation is more noticeable if you have an air conditioner installed in a specific room. For more information on air balancing, you can check out




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