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Increase Energy Efficiency With Thermostat Selection Tips From A Gilbert HVAC Specialist

Improving energy efficiency in the home should be a priority for any homeowner. The comfort in the home will be dependent on the type of thermostat that is installed. That is why you should never compromise when looking for Gilbert AZ heating and cooling company as it could lead to high energy costs in the home. In this post, we are going to highlight the different thermostats available on the market today and how to identify the one that is the right fit for your home.

Manual, Programmable, and Smart Thermostats

There are different types of thermostats when it comes to the control system.

Manual: These are the conventional round models that were found in most homes before the disruption of technology. You have to manually move the needle when trying to adjust the temperature of the room. Although they are economical when it comes to controls, the same can’t be said of their energy-saving capabilities.

Programmable: They are sophisticated when it comes to usage and can allow you to schedule settings on a daily or weekly basis. Such units could save you on heating and cooling costs as you can adjust them best on the temperature during the day.

Smart: Such thermostats are wireless enabled and you can use them with your smartphone or computer to improve efficiency.

The model that you choose should be compatible with the heating and cooling system that is already in place.

Determining Compatibility

The first step in determining compatibility is assessing the cooling and heating system that has been installed in your home. Based on the system in place, you only have three different thermostats to select from:

  • The most common type of system are the ones with low voltage and such units will only require a 24V power supply. The majority of thermostats are compatible with this system.
  • High voltage systems will require a 110-240V power source. Such systems will require that you pay close attention when shopping for thermostats. Not every thermostat will work with such a system.

You will also need to identify the type of stages that is fitted in your home. Stage 1 will work well if you have separate air and heating units. Stage 2 is for those heating and cooling units with low speed. Having this information will ensure that you pick the right thermostat for your home.

Save Money On Gilbert AC Maintenance

Having a programmable thermostat installed in your home will make it easier to schedule for heating and cooling and you don’t have to worry about making changes manually. The majority of programmable thermostats should be able to adjust to the temperatures in the room. There is also the ability to override the automatic settings that are in place. You need to make sure that the programmable thermostat is compatible with the HVAC system before installation begins. Ideally, you want a thermostat that is flexible when it comes to programming. For more information, you can check out




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