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Before you go shopping for an HVAC unit, you need to determine which size you need. If you get something too big, the unit will cool the home too quickly, meaning it won’t have time to dehumidify the space. If you get something too small, the unit won’t have the power to push air throughout your home.

Either way, you’ll end up wasting money on energy bills because the HVAC isn’t properly regulating the temperature. Below, you’ll learn how to find the right size for you.

How Do You Determine the Right Size for Your HVAC Unit?

When determining the size for your HVAC unit, we use the Manual J Calculation. While the square footage of your home can give us an idea of how much power your HVAC needs to have, the Manual J Calculation is more precise.

It takes into account the climate you’re in, the number of occupants you have, and even the windows you have in your home. Given this level of specificity, you need to have an HVAC specialist come to your home to assess your needs.

Once the Math is Done, You Know the Size Range You Need

You don’t need to get an HVAC that is exactly the right size for your home. In fact, there are some situations where that wouldn’t even be desirable.

If you’re looking to build an extension on your home, for instance, you’ll want to get a slightly bigger HVAC to compensate for your needs. Your HVAC shouldn’t provide more than 15% of the BTUs needed for cooling or 40% of the BTUs needed for heating. Generally speaking, you’d rather get a bigger unit than a smaller one.

Need HVAC Installation in Gilbert, AZ?

Once you’ve bought an HVAC unit, you’ll need to get it installed. At Hicken Air, we handle HVAC installation in Gilbert, AZ and the surrounding area. We’ve been serving happy customers for the past 11 years, so you can trust that we’re here to serve you. To get a free inspection and quote, call us now at (480) 686-1919. Alternatively, you can contact us online.

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