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Tips To Repairing Your A/C Explained By Hicken Air

For many homeowners out there, the idea of having to call in for professional help anytime an appliance isn’t working as it’s supposed to be such an unpleasant one, and for good reason too. Take for instance air conditioner repairs; they can end up being very expensive when professional help is sought. This is not to say in any way that such assistance should be shied away from. In fact,  sometimes one cannot help but engage the services of professionals regardless of how outrageous the cost is. Yet before making that all-important phone call for your Gilbert AC repair, why not try to troubleshoot your system first? You may discover after all that the problem is an easily fixable one that may otherwise cost you – unnecessarily, may we add – hundreds of dollars to have it fixed by a professional. Anytime your air conditioner is misbehaving, run the following five quick checks before resorting to getting in touch with a repair company. It can save you lots of money.

Quick Maintenance Tips


Inspect Your Breaker

Is your air conditioner refusing to come on? Well, it could be the very simple matter of your circuit breaker having tripped. When too much electricity is flowing into the home, the circuit breaker in its bid to protect the equipment, house, and wiring, trips. This may be the reason why your air conditioner may be refusing to come on. So check your breaker and make sure there aren’t  too many appliances on the same breaker.

Change Old Filter

A dirty and clogged filter can cause many problems for your air conditioner as well as many headaches for you. If you fail to have your filter changed on a constant basis, it’s going to halt airflow and cause lots of cooling inefficiencies with your unit. If that’s what you’ve noticed, then you might change your filter if you haven’t done so.

Melt any Ice

Is your system not cooling properly? Well, the issue may be because it’s iced up pretty bad. In this case, all you have to do is to get your A.C. unit turned off and run only the fan to get the ice to melt as fast as possible.

Check Ducts

Like dirty filters, dirty ducts can block the flow of air. Chances are your ducts are just dirty and need to be cleaned to facilitate good airflow. Also, the problem may stem out from the register being inadvertently closed partly or even fully. A quick examination of your ducts may be the key to getting your A.C. unit back into its groove.

Keep Unit Clean

More often than not, nothing too significant is ailing your system. It may just be in need of a long good clean. What you can do is to meticulously clean the fan blades of the outside unit as well as making sure that any debris lurking close to it (outside unit) is eradicated. You should also clean the condenser fins though you must be extra careful because they bend easily and are liable to break. When cleaning, however, always make sure your unit is off.

Gilbert AC Maintenance

So there you have it. These are just a couple of things you can do to ensure you do not burn too much cash. Of course, if after everything, nothing seems to be working, then you may want to seek professional assistance. Sometimes the problem may just be too complicated to handle on your own. In such a case,  don’t hesitate to call a professional. Don’t hesitate to call Hicken Air! Hicken Air is a full-service HVAC company offering AC and heating service, repair, installation, and air quality testing. We repair, maintain or replace your air conditioning and heating system depending on your needs, so if you’re experiencing HVAC issues, let us take a look. Do visit us at for a free estimate.


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